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Providing the Best Bariatric and Endoscopy Surgery Specialist

Sustained and significant weight loss might not come easily for some individuals. That’s where we at Al Taie Center come into existence with our bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) program. Based in Jumeirah, Dubai, our surgical weight loss clinic offers morbid obesity and sustained weight loss maintenance solutions.

Under the leadership of Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, our weight loss surgery team and dietitians deliver continuous, collaborative, and comprehensive preoperative and post-operative care. Our adept specialists leverage sought-after medical technologies with the help of modern endoscopy treatment.

By using a body composition analyzer machine, we first measure the bioelectrical impedance of different body parts of the patient to calculate the composition through various algorithms. Our obesity clinic also practices sleeve gastrectomy to eliminate a huge part of the stomach and reduce the calories.

We also keep ourselves updated with modern bariatric methods to give our patients the ultimate satisfactory results in Dubai UAE.




Mission & Vision

Aims to create an academic network of top-notch centers for bariatric and metabolic surgery. Combining centers of excellence in bariatric surgery committed to strict evidence-based criteria and patient-centered care. Building medical cities and healthcare clusters


Our mission is to develop local diagnostics expertise and to insource through our medical center a broad portfolio of high specialties across multiple disease states. Being available in proximity we streamline workflow, personalize customer care, enhance quality, and improve patient outcomes.


Our vision is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of Primary Health care services and bring an added value approach to the medical community. Starting from the UAE (United Arab Emirates).


On our way to achieving our vision statement, we will:

    • Provide a high standard
    • Treat all patients
    • Assure confidentiality for the
    • Respect the country’s traditions and
    • Work as a team; support each other, free of blame
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