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Dietitian for Before and After Bariatric Surgery in Dubai, UAE

Why Dietitian after operation

The post-operative period after the bariatric surgery, the guidance of a dietician is immensely important. This would include details on diet progression, regular monitoring and prevention of any nutrition related issues. The dietician’s consultancy helps the bariatric patient implement the correct minerals and vitamins supplement regime.

Further, the dietician would also handhold the patient with necessary lifestyle changes for proper weight loss as per goal. The focus here would be nutrition-dense food with minimally processed and right for a bariatric patient.

Scope Of Services

  • Coordinates All Dietary Activities In The Facility, Acting Through The Food Service Supervisors And Dietary Technicians.
  • Supervises The Development Of Specialized Diets Using Appropriate Dietary Modifications Where Necessary; Supervises Menu Planning For Special Functions.
  • Surveys Food Preparation And Distribution For Safe Practices Ensuring Variety, Adequate Seasoning, Visual Appeal, Proper Temperature, And Appropriate Portion Sizes.
  • Counsels Patients, Families, And Staff About Requirements; Handles Complaints And Resolves Problems.
  • Cooperates With The Purchasing Department To Provide High-Quality Food At The Most Economical Price.
  • Works With The Food Committee To Receive Constructive Ideas And Suggestions And To Provide Education To Patients And Their Families.
  • Develops Patient Care Plans On Behalf Of The Dietary Department; Attends Care-Planning Conferences And Interdisciplinary Meetings.

One of UAE’s Leading Dietitians

At Al Taie Center, you would get in touch with Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE’s leading dieticians for post operative nutrition and sustained weight maintenance. They ensure that your food takes care of all the micro and macro nutrients needed for the body. Trust us to answer all your doubts and have structured meals after your surgery along with the below-listed benefits:

Integrated Well-being:

We do more than just count calories at the Al Taie Center’ Dietitians. We support a comprehensive approach to nutrition that takes into account not only the physiological effects of food but also the psychological and emotional influences on your connection with it.

Modernised Facility

Modern facilities are available at our bariatric center so that you can receive the best possible care. We correctly evaluate your nutritional status using cutting-edge technology and provide specialised services like body composition analysis and metabolic rate assessment. Using these technologies, we can closely match your demands with the recommendations we make.

The Best Nutritional Evaluation and Advice

Our best dietitian provides thorough nutrition assessments to determine your present eating patterns, health objectives, and medical background. Based on this evaluation, they offer individualised counselling, giving you the power to choose your diet and lifestyle with knowledge.

Therapeutic Medical Nutrition

Our consultant can assist you if you have specific medical concerns including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders, or food allergies. They provide specialised medical nutrition therapy, working in concert with your medical team to control your illness by deliberate dietary changes.

Programmes to Manage Your Weight at Al Taie Center

Our bariatric center provides individualised evidence-based weight management programmes. To assist you in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight in a secure and long-lasting way, our consultant offers continuing assistance, guidance, education, and monitoring.

Set Up a Consultation Right Now

Make an appointment for a consultation with the Al Taie Center’s dietician to take control of your diet and well-being. You will be guided on your path to optimum health by our team of knowledgeable dietitians, who will also assist you in creating lifelong good eating habits.

Make an appointment with us right now to discover the benefits of individualized, scientifically-supported nutrition care at our clinic in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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