Debunking Popular Sleeve Gastrectomy Myths

Sleeve Gastrectomy

If you’re a candidate for Bariatric Surgery and considering to undergo Sleeve Gastrectomy. You may as well have done your research. With all the data you can gather on the internet, it is not uncommon to find questionable information especially in online forums.


Patients come to us with their assumptions about Sleeve Gastrectomy. For most of them,  their preconceived notions are outright outrageous. Read on as we set the records straight and debunk popular myths about Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Myth #1: Plastic Surgery Is Necessary

While plastic surgery can be an option for others, it is not necessary for most patients. This is a case-to-case basis. Post-op comes with dramatic weight loss for some,  and they are left with excess skin. Surgeons don’t usually recommend getting plastic surgery post-op. It solely depends on the patient’s aesthetic preference.


Myth #2: The Stomach Can Stretch Back To Its Bigger Size

After a year or so of Sleeve Gastrectomy, an increase of portion size is normal for most sleeve patients. But this doesn’t mean an increase in the volume of their stomachs.

There is no clear correlation between an increase in the volume of the stomach with the increase in portion size of the patient. 


Myth #3: I Am Free to Eat Whatever I Want Without Gaining Weight

This is a popular misconception not just for Sleeve Gastrectomy but for all Bariatric surgeries as well. Patients need to understand that the operation is not an insurance policy for them to eat whatever they want to. 

There is no problem if you’re filling up on healthy food to give you the right amount of nutrients. However, eating too much of everything may do you more harm than good. The key is to be mindful of your portions and the food choices you make. 


Myth #4: SG Does All The Work For You

Nothing is more untrue than this, and it applies to all Bariatric Surgeries. While Sleeve Gastrectomy provides you the leverage to lose a significant amount of weight, you still have to work hard on maintaining it. Having a proper diet and an active lifestyle is still necessary.

It is wrong to consider Bariatric Surgery as an all-in-one solution for obesity. It is only the beginning of a life-long commitment towards a healthier body.


Myth #5: Goodbye To  Sweets and Fat Forever

After your sleeve operation, you are required to put a limit on your portions but it doesn’t mean completely cutting out sweets and fat. These are still necessary parts of your diet. Moderation is key to everything you eat.

 Several recipes incorporate sugar and fat without compensating on portion size. So with the right portion control,  you can still eat your cake or have a slice of your favorite pizza.


The next time you have doubts about going through Bariatric Surgery, expert advice is still better than internet research. To help you make the right choices before and after your operation, our experts in Sleeve Gastrectomy are more than happy to lend a hand.