Why is Exercise Important After Bariatric Surgery?

Why is Exercise Important After Bariatric Surgery

Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

Physical exercise and a proper diet can help one lead a smooth life after bariatric surgery. A professional weight loss bariatric surgeon can better guide and suggest safe training.

How are physical activities necessary after bariatric surgery? A patient must wonder how much they need to exercise to lose weight. The bariatric surgeon and doctor can guide you with a suitable diet and exercise regime for easy weight loss after the surgery. The best exercise plan is sure to show quick results.

After the weight loss bariatric surgery, proper diet and routine can help you heal faster. It can also ensure long-term outcomes of the surgery. Your specialist can guide you on what to expect after the surgery and how to lead a healthy post-operative life.

Let us look at the exercise regimes after surgery to maintain body weight.

Importance to Include Exercising in Daily Routine

Active exercise and good eating are essential for patients with weight loss. Regular exercise helps to lose muscles and speeds up the weight loss process. It can also boost metabolism and help burn calories faster. Other reasons to remain active are:

  1. Improve skin elasticity after the surgery
  2. Preserve lean muscle mass and increases muscle strength
  3. Promote stability of joints and make bones stronger
  4. Exercising helps manage pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes

Thinking that you don’t have to exercise after the surgery is not correct. Surgery can change your life, and you need to incorporate healthy changes. It can help you maintain good health condition. Try light exercise as it can help in fast and easy recovery. You may experience mobility limitations, and you may not be able to perform all activities soon after surgery. Go slow and focus on realistic goals and aim to build a comfortable and regular exercise routine for better results. Try to follow the guidance of your surgeon and avoid the chance of any complications.

How Soon Should You Start Exercising?

After weight loss bariatric surgery, you must wonder when and how to start exercising for effective results. Right?

Start Slowly with Little Movement

You will feel sore and uncomfortable while exercising after surgery. But a 5 to 10 minutes walk daily can make the recovery smooth. Try to increase your walking time to 40 to 60 minutes gradually. Even when you limit the meal portion, eating while you can comfortably walk is better. As you feel stronger, divide the walking time throughout the day after your surgery.

Focus on Increasing Physical Activity

You have to increase your physical activity slowly, and you can start two weeks after the surgery. Prior to this, you may still exercise pain and don’t want to start the exercise. However, patients should avoid heavy lifting during the first month after surgery.

Don’t Go for Balance Exercise

Your body’s balance will change as you lose weight after the surgery. So, avoiding balance exercises in the initial stages is better. In this, avoid lunges and squats till six months after surgery.

Try Gentle Yoga

Once you can train with light weights, try to add gentle forms of yoga. With time, keep adding programs and time to your exercise regime. It can help you attain your weight loss goals easily. Slowly, add high-intensity and weight training that helps build your muscles.

Types of Exercise to Try

Aerobic and strength training are the best options to try immediately after two weeks of your surgery. Try biking or walking to speed up your heart rate in aerobics. On the other side, try weight lifting or push-ups to build bone and muscle and get adequate strength.

Is it Suitable to Add Cycling?

Yoga can be great, but cycling can help your cardiovascular health. Do not jump into cardio too soon after the surgery. Indoor or outdoor cycling can be a good option without straining your knees.

Try indoors, as it allows a comfortable and reclined position. This can give support to your body with less stress on the joints. Once you are comfortable cycling at home, you can try it outdoors for more effective results.

Facts to Keep in Mind about Exercising After Surgery

A bariatric surgeon & doctor thinks exercise is a tool for a healthy life. It is critical in weight-loss goals and helps maintain body weight. Try to include daily exercises that you enjoy doing. Try a little every day, grow slowly towards a new change, and easily keep your body weight.

It also depends on how fit you were before the surgery and how comfortable you are to start daily exercise. Listen to your body before including any exercise in your daily routine. Exercise helps with both weight loss and to keep weight off.

About Author

Dr. Abdulsalam Al Taie is a specialist bariatric surgeon and doctor at Al Taie Center. The blog elaborates on how a professional surgeon can guide patients on how and when to resume their exercise regime after bariatric surgery. Focus on building strength and achieving long-term results with daily exercise.

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