What are the General Queries of Patients Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

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Important Question Patients Ask Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a safe option for patients. Ask the surgeon for your queries to ensure the process can be effective.

Before surgery, the first and foremost thing that worries a patient is how safe the surgery procedure is. Even when you are under the supervision of the best weight loss surgeon, you are always sceptical about the postoperative period and the outcomes.

However, gastric sleeve surgery can become simple when you are under the guidance of an expert surgeon. There is no need for a new connection between your internal organs, so it lowers the chance of complications.

The following part of the blog elaborates on other vital questions that commonly worry a patient before surgery.

Can Gastric Sleeve Surgery Offer Lasting Results?

The sleeve operation is a new process and slowly becoming popular. Initially, surgeons focus on sleeve gastrectomy as part of the surgery. However, the process results in significant weight loss. After almost 5 years of the surgery, there is good weight loss if one can follow it with a proper diet. It is advisable to follow your surgeon for smooth and faster recovery.

Why Choose Gastric Sleeve over Gastric Bypass Surgery?

One of the primary benefits of gastric sleeve surgery is that surgeon doesn’t have to create a new way between the small bowel and stomach. It can minimize the chance of any long-term complications after the surgery than in other processes. There is almost no chance of internal hernia or ulcers as this surgery has no anastomosis. Therefore, a gastric sleeve is a safe option.

Here, a patient is less likely to experience any problem of nutritional deficit due to no malabsorption. These are some reasons why even the best weight loss surgeon will recommend this process over others.

How Long it Takes to be in the Hospital After the Surgery?

Patients are usually discharged one day or so after the surgery. After this surgery, patients need to drink a lot of fluids to maintain their body’s hydration level. The small incision pains alleviate with oral medication. Even the patient can walk after a few hours of the surgery. Also, starting with a liquid diet from the next morning of the surgery is advisable.

What Should be the Pre-Operation Diet for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Patients need to start with a liquid meal replacement diet two weeks before the operation. Because it can reduce the liver’s size, making the surgery safer. Try to include protein shakes, snacks like sugar-free pudding, and sugar-free gelatine, with plenty of clear liquids. It is better to follow an expert dietician’s tips to help you recover smoothly during the surgery.

What are the Additional Benefits to Enjoy After the Surgery?

Apart from losing almost 70% of body weight, one can enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Relief from joint pain
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Permanent relief from sleep apnea obstruction
  • Remission from type 2 diabetes
  • Easy to treat depression or tendencies of social isolation
  • Enhanced fertility
  • Get rid of gallbladder problem
  • Female patients can fight pregnancy complications

What is the Recovery Time after Gastric Sleeve Operation?

After the gastric sleeve operation, most people have to stay for 1 to 3 days. However, they can resume normal lifestyle within 3 to 5 weeks. As each patient is unique, the process and time for recovery can vary slightly. In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon will make multiple small cuts, in which the recovery time is shorter.  However, in an open stomach process, the recovery time is longer.

How Much Can You Lose After Surgery?

After gastric sleeve surgery, one can lose almost 30 to 40 pounds within the first three months. In the following 12 to 15 months, a patient can lose another 1 to 2 pounds weekly. If you can follow the correct diet and lifestyle after the surgery, reaching your weight loss goals in a quick time will be easy.

Can Liquids Stretch Stomach After Surgery?

It is common to experience bloating and irritation after the surgery. It is advisable to limit your meal portions and stick to small portions for easy digestion. Also, you should not drink liquids 30 minutes before and after the surgery. It can prevent the chance of stomach stretching. Along with this, you should avoid random eating or drinking.

Why Should Patients Be Aware of Pre-Operation Diet?

The patient should follow a diet three weeks prior to the operation. Your surgeon can guide you with the dietary requirements. Patients should cut on intake of carbohydrates, refined sugar, bread, pasta, and other food forms of carbohydrates.

Besides, try to increase protein intake. Before the operation, you should have lots of effs, salmon, chicken, lean meat, and olives. Change to an all-liquid diet containing gelatines and broth two to three days before the operation. On the day of surgery, you should not consume or drink and follow the surgeon’s guidance.

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