Post-Bariatric Reconstructive Surgery


Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery fixes portions of your body that change shape due to accidents or deformities. Such deformities can be a result of accidents, or they can come from birth. It helps to “fix” and rectify the issue to create an appearance that aligns with your vision.

Congenital fissure, sense of taste fix, and bosom reproductions are instances of reconstructive surgery. “Reconstructive” signifies remake after something has been harmed or obliterated.

How is Reconstructive Different from the Cosmetic Surgery?

If you want to understand the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, let’s look at an example. Rhinoplasty (nose a medical procedure) illustrates how it can get confusing to classify a system as a cosmetic or reconstructive medical procedure.

A rhinoplasty fixes the appearance of the nose. In light of that, it is like a restorative medical procedure. In other cases, rhinoplasties improve the individual’s breathing after nose breaks. That would make it a reconstructive medical process.

When Can You Get Reconstructive Surgery?

Here are a few reasons or situations when you can get reconstructive surgery.

  • Birth Defects

Infants who are born with deformities can face significant threats to their life. Thankfully, there are medical procedures that can “correct” these defects. Depending on the child’s condition, the patient might need a series of surgeries. The surgery can improve the health and the self-image of the individual.

For instance, many people are born with a cleft lip. A prevalent defect, this issue can lead to difficulties in forming words, causing frustration among young children. It restricts effective and quick communication during their formative years.

  • Cancer

When cancer strikes, it changes lives regardless of whether the malignant growth goes into total reduction. Frequently, the toll on the body is massive.

For instance, breast cancer might require a mastectomy, relieving the patient of the malignant growth, yet with actual changes; she may not be content with it. Breast reconstruction surgery re-introduces that piece of the patient’s body so she can re-establish her original body parts before the disease strikes.

Removing after Weight Loss

For many people who drastically reduce weight, it can result in a few anomalies. Even though weight reduction is a goal for many, it is not a cakewalk. The weight loss journey is arduous and takes some time. However, in this journey, some people may experience excess skin that does not go away.

They have lost weight; however, the excess skin hangs onto their body. You can remove the loose skin hanging from the body. They can quickly remove it with the help of plastic surgery.

Post-Liposuction Skin Removal

Liposuction will change the lives of many obese people. The excessive weight will stop it from spreading. When the body does not respond to diet anymore to lose weight, then one of the solutions that may provide relief is the liposuction procedure.

The liposuction procedure eliminates unnecessary fat and makes you feel happier and healthier. However, it does leave behind some loose skin. This loose skin is a common side effect of liposuction. A plastic specialist can cure the issue with a skin evacuation medical procedure. The outcomes permit patients to look years more youthful while getting a charge out of better well-being.

Physical Pain

While certain women settle on breast augmentation, others experience actual physical pain due to their oversized breasts. Back pain, rashes, and the incapability to participate in specific exercises can antagonistically affect life quality. A medicinally justified breast reduction removes these snags, permitting patients to partake in a complete and dynamic life liberated from torment.

A few men likewise settle on breast reduction procedures. Oversized male breasts result from hereditary issues that frequently manifest during adolescence. That can prompt pain and reduce body positivity. Breast reduction permits these men allows them to enjoy life.

Non-Invasive Alternative

Plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery is a non-invasive surgery in many cases. Some illnesses or accidents can damage the structure of particular body parts. In such cases, reconstructive surgery can help to restore the form.

For instance, the facial bones may have changed shape due to an accident. The surgery can restore the bone structure of the face. With reconstructive surgery, the patients can reshape their appearance.

It Affects the Emotional Well-Being

The body weight and shape affect your emotional well-being as well. An unhealthy body hurts self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery can increase self-confidence by helping you achieve your desired body shape and weight.

Excessive weight and the time it takes to lose it can affect their self-confidence. Thus, they can fast-track the process through weight loss surgery and regain their lost confidence. Cosmetic medical procedure supporting patients’ prosperity also gives long-term medical advantages.

End Note

Numerous patients select reconstructive surgery because the outcomes last. For instance, a medical procedure that replaces or recreates bone gives super durable long-haul results that maturing or changes in body weight cannot compromise. Similar enduring outcomes apply to skin joins that cover scars and other corrective strategies. Dr. Abdul Salam Al Taie is a highly experienced consultant in the UAE who specializes in complex cases of reconstructive and bariatric surgery, including those referred from both inside and outside the country.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Taie is a highly experienced consultant in the UAE who specializes in complex cases of bariatric, reconstructive surgery, including those referred from both inside and outside the country. To know more you can contact us at

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