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Gastric Balloons Surgery In Dubai, UAE

At AL TAIE Center in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, we know the challenges associated with your weight loss journey. With our gastric balloon surgery, you can now get the desired results. Led by Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, our gastric balloon treatment is a safe and effective non-surgical procedure.

Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, the first surgeon to perform gastric bypass in the UAE, will supervise the entire gastric balloon treatment. This treatment can help you lose weight by decreasing the volume of your stomach without surgery.

What Should You know about the gastric balloon surgery?

Gastric balloon is a minimally invasive weight loss procedure performed by the #1 bariatric surgeon, Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie. Note that it is a reversible weight loss treatment that helps patients in shedding weight by decreasing the stomach’s capacity.

As the top bariatric center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE, we will first assess your weight loss goals before proceeding with gastric balloon surgery. The balloon is a medical implant that Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie and his team will place in your stomach to restrict its capacity.

What Brands of Intragastric Balloons Does Our Clinic Use?

As the top bariatric center, we use Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz brands of intragastric balloons. Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz have carved a niche for themselves. learn more about Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz, consult with our doctor.


Gastric Balloon Surgery

What are the Advantages of Undergoing a Gastric Balloon Surgery?

As the first bariatric surgery clinic in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE, we believe in offering our patients with tailored treatment. Gastric balloon treatment, performed by the #1 bariatric surgeon, Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, ensures that you accomplish your weight loss goals. Listed are the advantages of undergoing gastric balloon surgery at AL TAIE Center.

Non-Surgical and Reversible

Gastric balloon treatment at our top center is reversible and minimally invasive. It has no downtime when performed by our top surgeon. Our doctor will remove the balloon after a predetermined period and the process doesn’t involve any permanent alterations to your digestive system.

Best Option to Lose Weight

With a gastric balloon surgery at our best center in UAE, you can experience rapid weight loss in the first few months. You can kickstart a healthy lifestyle with the expertise of Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, the #1 bariatric surgeon and doctor.

The Best Option to Lead a Healthy and Illness-Free Life

We are the top gastric balloon clinic and can help you shed unwanted weight. Losing weight can lead to improved self-esteem and enhanced overall well-being.

Is the Gastric Balloon Surgery Best for You?

Being the first weight loss clinic, we commonly use Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz brands of intragastric balloons. The gastric balloon surgery at our clinic is an excellent for people who:

  • Have a body mass index between 30 and 40
  • Are prepared to implement long-term lifestyle changes

AL TAIE Center is the #1 bariatric center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE, for gastric balloon surgery. To schedule an appointment with our #1 doctor, reach out to us.

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