Things You Need To Know Before Your Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Things You Need To Know Before Your Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery preparation is the most effective way for surgical operations to become successful since all treatments go beyond the walls of the operating room. Subsequently, the better you prepare, the more desirable your surgical results will be.

The same goes for weight loss operations, especially for Gastric bypass surgery. Several preparations are taken into account before undergoing the operation. 

If you are planning to undergo Gastric bypass surgery, here are the things you need to know before your surgical operation.

You Will Have a Pre-Operative Evaluation

This is a standard for all Bariatric surgeries. On the day you decide to come in for surgery, your doctor will administer an evaluation to assess whether or not you are a good candidate for Gastric bypass surgery. These may include the following tests such as ;

  • Chest X-Ray
  • Blood tests
  • UGI or Upper gastrointestinal examination
  • EKG or Electrocardiogram
  • EGD or Esophagogastroduodenoscopy

Psychological evaluation is also conducted to determine if you are mentally prepared to undergo the operation. Some medical centers also include a consultation with a dietitian to guide you on your diet before and after your Gastric bypass surgery. 

You Will Have To Change Your Diet

Before your operation, you will have to modify your eating habits. This will include cutting down on saturated fats and sugars and eating protein-rich foods. Losing the fat in your abdomen will increase the chance of you having successful Gastric bypass surgery. Controlling your eating portions will help your stomach grow accustomed to lesser intake. 

Each person’s case varies so your doctor will provide a specific meal plan that better suits your condition. Two days before your operation, you will be asked to do a clear liquid diet to condition the digestive tract.

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Let Your Physician Know about Your Current Medication

If you are currently in a prescription, make sure to consult your doctor for the course of action. Some medications like blood thinners may not be suitable for the operation. You may be advised to gradually minimize your prescription or stop it altogether. Some medicines may complicate the operation or slow down your healing process. You would be asked to do this a month or 2 weeks prior to operation.

Prepare For Post-Operation

Consult your doctor for the things that are necessary for your postoperative diet and recovery. It is recommended to stock your pantry with healthy food. During your recovery, you would need time to rest so prepare the help you may need to assist you with your chores, especially for the first few weeks after the surgery. You can always ask your family members and close friends to aid you in recovery. Avoid heavy lifting and stay away from strenuous activities. 

You Will Have a Better Lifestyle

After your Gastric bypass operation, you will begin to feel motivated to have a better lifestyle. You have gone so far to undergo the operation and it is a step towards having healthier decisions when it comes to your diet. Also, you can slowly resume performing low-impact exercises as your body recovers. 

It is important to be aware of these things to prepare yourself for your surgery. If you are living in the UAE, make sure to follow your preop and postoperative guidelines our physician has set up for you. This will reduce the risk of complications and increase your chances of having successful bypass surgery Dubai